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Get Smart about Managing Expenses

With Glyd, businesses can

Get complete control on where money is spent

Track and monitor spending as it happens

Separate personal and business expenditure

With Glyd, Employees CAN

Avoid the hassle of cash advances and use of personal funds

Submit their expense statements in real time

Never run out of balance on the card with real-time loading

Easy End-to-end
Expense Management


Control Card Feature

  • Turn a card on/off anytime
  • Set up role based spending limit
  • Restrict card usage
  • Allow card not present transactions

Customised Corporate Cards

  • Travel & Entertainment cards
  • Per diem cards
  • Purchasing cards
  • Vendor-specific cards


  • Instantly generated and stored
  • Spending limits and card controls
  • Online information retrieval
  • Only accessible by authorized user

Analytics & Reporting

  • No expense reports
  • Search and filter

Accounting Integration

  • Simplifies bookkeeping
  • Integrate with accounting platforms

Receipt Capture

  • Receipts-transactions auto-match
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Reminders
  • Upload receipts from libraryy

How it Works

Load funds on Employee Glyd Cards as per budget

Company Admin/CFO

  • Set up users
  • Set up spend limits
  • Set up budgets

Employees spend as per budget

Users get
Glyd app and Mastercard loaded
for spending

  • Travel Expense
  • Fuel Expense
  • Meals
  • Hotels
  • Office Supplies

Employees submit receipts via
app for reconciliation and reload